Tips For Preparing For Your Exterior Repainting Project in Peoria, AZ

Tips For Preparing For Your Exterior Repainting Project in Peoria, AZ

It is important to maintain the overall appeal of our exterior, because it is essentially the first thing anyone will see when they stumble upon or pass by our homes.

Setting a good impression right off the bat is important not only to impress other people, but to also feel good and comfortable with our homes.

Repainting your exterior is one of the best ways on maintaining its overall appeal – it’s really a wonder how much improvement a fresh coat of paint provides for your exterior.

So, if you’re currently thinking of doing an exterior repainting project, here’s something to help you in starting it.

Here are Tips For Preparing For Your Exterior Repainting Project.

1. Examine Your Surface For Signs Of Damage

In preparing for your exterior repainting project, you should first examine your exterior surface for any signs of damage.

Because your exterior is essentially outside of your home, it will inevitably be subjected to tons of external factors and objects that might cause it to break down or deform over time – factors and objects such as rocks, dust, mud, strong winds, animals, among many other things. 

So, when you are repainting your exterior, it would be better to check it first for signs of damage so that you can fix them accordingly.

You must remember that it is important to get any dents and cracks on your surface fixed first because no amount of primer nor paint will ever suffice in completely concealing or covering them.

Additionally, painting on a cracked or dented surface will just result in an ugly paint finish – results that you do not want out of your painting project!

2. Clean Your Exterior Surface

After inspecting your exterior surface for any signs of damage (and patching them up if there were any), you should now make sure that your exterior surface is clean.

Because your exterior is essentially exposed outside, it will have some build-up of dirt on its surface – which you will want to thoroughly clean first before you apply any coat of paint on it. 

Depending on the overall state of your exterior, you can simply just scrub and wash its surface, or opt for a deep cleaning, which a power washer will provide for you.

Just make sure that after you clean your exterior, you give it enough time to dry first before applying any coat of paint on it!

3. Clear The Space

As an essential step in your exterior repainting preparation process, you should make sure to clear the space near where you’re going to be painting your exterior.

Any exterior fixtures, decorations, furnishings, or technology such as a garden watering system, or even plants near your exterior should be temporarily moved so you can allow more space you can freely move into when you’re painting your exterior.

This is also to avoid the risk of suddenly tripping or slipping over something, which can be potentially dangerous for your safety and could be a gateway for the mess, especially when you’re handling paint.

4. Consider External Lighting In Choosing A Paint Color

In repainting your exterior, one of the most important decisions that you’ll need to make would be choosing a paint color to use for this project.

In doing so, there are several factors that you’ll want to take into consideration, in order to arrive at your best possible choices. 

Lighting is one factor that you’ll want to keep in mind; when you’re painting your exterior, natural lighting tends to wash out your colors, making it look cooler or paler than it initially was.

To remedy this, you should get a paint color that is shaded warmer than what you initially chose, so the end result will look somewhat similar to your original choice.

Better yet, do a test paint on a small portion of your exterior, so you can see how the lighting affects your choice of paint color!


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