Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Kitchen in Phoenix, AZ

Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Kitchen in Phoenix, AZ

Painting our kitchens is a great way to elevate their overall appeal, especially if you have been noticing that it’s been looking drab and dilapidated lately.

But, in order to have a successful painting project, a great preparation routine must be in order – if you fail to plan your preparation, you plan to fail.

So, if you’re looking for preparation tips to keep in mind for your kitchen painting project, you’re in the right place.

Here are Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Kitchen.

1. Clean Your Kitchen First

When preparing to paint your kitchen, one of the first things that you should do is clean your kitchen.

Over time of repeated usage, our kitchen will have accumulated all kinds of dirt and muck, which you will have to remove first prior to applying your first coat of paint on your kitchen surface.

It is important that you get this done especially when you are painting your kitchen because the presence of muck or dirt on your surface will just lead to a nasty paint finish – one you will eventually have to redo, which just doubles both your effort and expense.

So, if you plan on painting your kitchen right the first time around, you should keep this handy preparation tip in mind.

2. Inspect The Surface For Signs Of Damage

After ensuring that your kitchen area and surface are clean, the next handy tip you should remember in preparing to paint your kitchen would be to inspect your kitchen surface for signs of damage.

You must inspect your kitchen area for signs of damage since you’ll want to patch them up first, if there are any, before applying your first coat of paint on it. 

Painting on a damaged surface will not magically conceal the dents and damage present, since no amount of paint nor primer will ever be able to do that alone.

So, before you start painting your kitchen, you should check for signs of damage first, to ensure a clean and even paint finish in the end. 

3. Clear Your Kitchen Area

Another kitchen painting preparation tip that will be handy to keep in mind would be to clear your kitchen area before you proceed to actually do your painting project.

It is important that you clear as much space as possible in your kitchen area before your painting project so you will have much more space to move freely as you make your way in painting.

Additionally, having as much free space in the area you’re painting significantly reduces your chances of accidentally tripping or slipping over something, which could be really messy, especially if you are handling paint.

In clearing your kitchen area, you should temporarily relocate all furniture and appliances that you can, and for fixtures such as your sink, your cabinets, or your stove, you should make sure to cover them with a dropcloth to avoid getting paint drips all over them.

4. Choose A Paint Color

When preparing to paint your kitchen, one crucial decision that you will have to make will be deciding on which paint color to use for your painting project.

In doing this, there are some factors that you will have to keep in mind to ensure that you will arrive at the best possible choice. 

Factors such as the lighting present in the area you’re planning to paint and the colors already present in the space should be taken into consideration, since these will determine which paint color will be your best choice.

5. Gather All Painting Materials

Lastly, in preparing to paint your kitchen, you should gather all necessary painting materials, so you can ensure that you have all you need ahead of time.

It’ll be such a hassle to pause in the middle of your project because you suddenly need to run to the paint store to get more materials. 


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