Tips To Keep In Mind When Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

Tips To Keep In Mind When Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

In our bathrooms, our cabinets are more than just storage options – they also contribute to the overall appeal of our bathrooms.

So, it is important that from time to time, we see to it that we maintain our bathroom cabinets, and one of the best ways to do that would be to treat them to a fresh coat of paint.

If you’re currently planning your bathroom cabinet painting project, here’s something that you might find useful.

Here are Tips To Keep In Mind When Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Do Proper Surface Preparation

When you’re painting your bathroom cabinets, you should have already done proper surface preparation prior to your project.

It is important for you to do proper surface preparation because this will ensure that the surface you’re going to be painting will be at its best state, ensuring that you will have a smooth and clean paint finish – essentially, a successful painting project!

Doing proper surface preparation includes inspecting your surface for any signs of dents, cracks, and other damage, and making sure that you get these fixed accordingly if any, and proceeding to make sure that your surface is clean and even.

However, if the damage present on your bathroom cabinets is dire and unsalvageable, then maybe you should consider getting your cabinets replaced entirely. 

A coat of paint will just seem to be a band-aid solution if your bathroom cabinets are in dire condition, so keep this in mind. 

2. Unscrew The Doors

When you’re painting your bathroom cabinets, it would be better for you to unscrew the doors off the cabinets so you can paint on them properly.

Painting your bathroom cabinets while the doors are still on it could be inconvenient for you, since the doors are just going to be very wobbly and unstable.

Temporarily removing them off your cabinets, and laying them flat on the floor when you’re painting them will be a much easier task, and could significantly hasten your painting process.

However, just make sure to keep all necessary hardware safely, such as bolts and screws, so you can attach them back again easily. 

3. Remember To Use Mold-Inhibiting Paint

Since you are painting your bathroom cabinets, you should remember to use mold-inhibiting paint in your project.

Because your bathroom cabinets are in, well, your bathroom, you should be aware that molds can be pretty common in these places, since our bathrooms are in constant exposure to moisture and cold temperatures.

To ensure that your bathroom cabinets won’t be showing any signs of molds on their coat of paint, you should ensure to use mold-inhibiting paint to prevent, if not completely eliminate, the chances of molds growing on its surface.

4. Use Primer

When you’re painting your bathroom cabinets, you should remember to employ the use of a primer.

Primer, in any painting project, is an ingredient that is absolutely essential, and for good reasons.

First, a primer will make your surface ideal for painting; it’ll provide your surface with better adhesion for your coat of paint and better coverage, which in turn, will result in a more vibrant and brighter paint finish.

Additionally, a coat of primer will go a long way in ensuring that your coat of paint won’t be showing signs of paint problems anytime soon.

So, if you want to make sure that you won’t be revisiting this painting project anytime soon, you should ensure to use primer prior to adding your first coat of paint. 

5. Don’t Forget To Put Dropcloths and Painter’s Tape

Lastly, an important tip that you should keep in mind when you’re painting your bathroom cabinets would be to put drop cloths and painter’s tape near where you’re painting.

Drop cloths will ensure that you won’t be getting drips and splatters all over your bathroom, which will be messy and a hassle to clean up.

Additionally, using painter’s tape will be beneficial so you can ensure that you won’t be getting smudges all over your bathroom walls, for a clean and straight paint finish.


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