Ways to Elevate Your Home Exterior’s Appeal in Phoenix, AZ

If you believe that first impressions matter, then you must also agree that sprucing up your home’s exterior is just as important as the interiors.

It has been acclaimed that creating and maintaining a strong curb appeal could enhance the property’s value and may even hold a  pleasing impression to passers-by or to your guests. 

If you are in the quest to look for ways how to amp your home’s exterior, this blog is made just for you!

Without further ado, here are some Ways to Elevate your Home’s Exterior Appeal in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Upgrade your Hardware

If you wanted to put extra glam to your exterior, you might as well consider swapping out your rusty, mismatched, and damaged hardware to a sleek new set that could enhance the visual statement of your curb. 

You can achieve this by investing in high-quality and durable front doors and knobs that best capture the theme, vibe, or look that your porch aims to achieve. 

Also, don’t forget to add a doormat. 

Doormats are very essential in your front porches because aside from brushing off dirt before stepping inside your home, they can also be a means of showing off your personality. 

You are given the free will to create DIY doormats that may give a nautical touch to your porch.

2. Invest for Proper Illumination

Proper landscape illumination is one of the big factors that can add a wow element to your home’s exterior. 

For starters, you may install stake and path lights to brighten up the architectural details of your front porch and to cast a warm glow along your footpaths. 

Investing in good and stylish lighting is one of the best ways to spice up your front doors as it helps highlight some of the best spots and features of your home. 

3. Grow your Hedgerows

Hedgerows could also be a strong landscape element that may boost the visual statement of your curb.

Carefully curated hedgerows are noted to serve your front porch in two ways: one is that it could serve as a privacy shield or an eco-friendly gate and two, it could add a picturesque accent to your homes. 

4. Landscape Your Curb Green

Aside from hedgerows, plants also play a vital role in beautifying and decorating your front yards. 

Plants may serve as an easy fix and alternative to bland fences that would bring liveliness and a touch of nature to your homes. 

Granting that plants range in different shapes, styles, and colors, incorporating them in your landscaping may solve your burden on deciding what paint colors and decorations to use in order to incite a festive look of your curb. 

4. Go for Window Boxes

Putting up window boxes is another way to adorn and boost the charm of your house. 

In installing them, do not be afraid of exploring a variety of textures, heights, and even color palettes. 

In dressing up your window boxes, have more room for trial and error and decorate it with assorted blooms and leaves. 

Although you can be bold in designing your window boxes, you must also consider complementing them to your home’s exterior hues.

5. Play with Personal Touches

It is always best to incorporate your creativity and personality in decorating your homes, both for its interior and exterior spaces. 

It is believed that when you add your personal touch in designing your home can make it feel more like you and thus achieve familiarity and comfort. 

For your home’s exterior, you may add your personal touch by putting up a DIY or customized wreath or ribbon in the front door or use your favorite planter. 

You may also accent your outdoor chairs or seating with throw pillows to incite a cozy pop and exhibit a pop color.


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